Your therapist, tutor and well-being consultant:

Therapist, well-being adviser and meditation tutor Kellie Gilmour shares with you a lifetime of experience and study in the recovery and maintenance of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


As well as the anatomy, physiology and nutritional aspects of physical well-being, Kellie is also trained and qualified in conventional approaches to mental health maintenance, including clinical hypnotherapeutic techniques and talking therapies.  Combining these skills with her training in more traditional, 'eastern' therapeutic practices and philosophies, she delivers a truly bespoke service; a tailor-made, personalised plan for recovery for each individual.


With training as an accredited Health Coach and working with Cornwall Council's 'Healthy Cornwall' initiative to become an MECC Trainer, she is a facilitator for the improvement of health and reduction of 'health inequalities' in a scheme developed by the NHS and local government, encouraging and helping people to make healthier lifestyle choices and to achieve positive long term behaviour changes.


She is qualified in Mental Health First Aid and ASIST Suicide Intervention, ensuring exceptional care of those in her care.


Kellie has also completed the necessary training to practice within a multi-disciplinary team for NHS oncology wards and hospices.


Based in the beautiful town of Falmouth, Cornwall, she travels throughout the UK and further abroad to wherever she is needed, offering online services too.

"I hold a strong belief that Integrated Medicine - the marriage of modern medical and proven traditional practices, along with finding common ground between science and spirituality - is vital to the advancement of physical and mental well-being in today's world.

Being diagnosed with a debilitating spine condition in 2004 forced me to readdress my life from every facet.  My physical and mental well-being needed taking care of as I came to terms with being in my early 30s facing a future of pain and mobility problems, invasive, risky spinal surgeries and/or dependency on powerful, controlled medications. 

Before accepting surgery I turned to study to better understand my condition and explore other possible routes to relief.  I became my own experiment in how to achieve healthfulness and happiness and my interest grew, surpassing the goal of just my own rehabilitation.  After many years of learning and practice I feel a duty to share the experience and knowledge gained on my journey, for the benefit of others on their roads to recovery and salubrity.

I have discovered that living well, finding peace of mind and maintaining good physical health can be achieved easily by anyone, with the correct guidance and support."

"My first session with Kellie was amazing, I felt so reassured and at ease, she is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and understanding.

I left with a huge sense of calm and openness that I haven't felt in a long time. Thank you."

FB, Clinical Consultation Client